Monday, May 7, 2012

update 6/10

Prizes are in the process of being given out. the daily 100m isk per day prizes have been given out, results are listed under Prize B on the prizes page.

top 4 prizes have been given out, a few others have been allocated, other prizes are still being given out.

Over all, those people who GrieferGeddon had reached, it impacted positively. We got some nice pods.
And one of us who didn't get many points made a ganker stop ganking. The guy had a passive targetter on and was jamming the ganker. The ganker thought CONCORD was bugged and jamming him, and quit ganking because he thought it was too hard.

But this was not the event it should have been. Last year there were 60 or so people killing stuff. this year there were around 20.
not one but 2 active anti-pirate corps that joined last year did not join this year.

The biggest reasons GrieferGeddon 2.0 wasn't  as good as last year were 1) Hulkageddon was too long. They couldn't sustain their momentum... we couldn't iether but we also had less gankers to hunt. One person told me he tried to participate but his miners never got attacked. 2) I was not able to log in due to RL to give my own even it's due. I'm STILL giving out prizes. 3) I expected larger turn-out than last year so i diluted the focus of Griefergeddon with the remote repair contest, but despite more postive interest in GrieferGeddon i had a smaller turn-out this year.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

GrieferGeddon so far... not working.

This year there were a lot more people interested in GrieferGeddon, supporting it, donating prizes, etc. However only a very small number of those people are actually going around shooting reds. Last year i had a LOT more people shooting stuff!

I tell people to use the Burn Jita event to practice shooting at reds for the main event... and people go to Jita ... in a shuttle! Or go to Jita and "steal" shuttles that were dropped to attempt to crash the system. But they don't go to Jita in a sensor boosted frigate to practice shooting reds.

while there seem to be a lot more people interested in seeing GrieferGeddon succeed this year, there aren't nearly enough people willing to go out there and actually shoot pods like this one.

Possibly it's because RL prevented me from logging in as often  as I should, or possibly the remote repair aspect was too confusing and distracted people from the pvp aspect, things just aren't working out this year.

If things don't improve in the coming weeks, prizes (first place, 100m isk for most kills a day) will be given out as best as possible, and the rest will be returned to the donors.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

 GrieferGeddon has started on the 28th 00:00 eve time. Hulkageddon starts on the 29th and runs a whole month, until 00:00 EVE 29 May

overview settings: how to make sure 'red' means 'killable" 
right click on your over view settings. Check "appearance" tab and the "background" tab. make sure that "Outlaw" and "at war" are red and that nothing else is red! this will make killable targets red and nothing else. by default "bad standing" is also red, but bad standing does NOT make them killable in high sec! if you get a message saying you will be concorded if you proceed do not proceed! ccp appears to be bugged here!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Why Griefergeddon 2.0?


GrieferGeddon is Eve's most public resistance to Hulkageddon. For those of you new to New Eden, Hulkageddon is a contest for who can kill the most miners in a week.

The first GrieferGeddon was covered in Eve Tribune #11 year 6  as well as in the in-game eve news, and a couple other places

In-game chat channel: Anti-Hulkageddon

Anti-Hulkageddon TS : password is: grieferkiller


There are two parts to GrieferGeddon this time.

The pvp side requires api key verified kill mails. Same as last time only using eve-dev kill board and a re-balanced point system.

In addition, this time there is a Remote Repair side. We will track the time and effectiveness of remote repairing hulks during Hulkageddon and pay out for those who do the best job. This requires use of screen shots and possibly a 3rd party app to track remote repair.

It's here! Learn how to eek out 40k ehp from your hulk tank without faction mods, how to effectively use ewar to mess up a gank, and why an un-tanked Orca is now very much killable:

  • Because "sandbox" should not mean just "griefing." Human nature is much wider and more diverse than that. The private, secret, anti-hulkageddon efforts may be effective, but they don't show new pilots that there is another side of the citizens of New Eden.
  • Because someone's got to do something... and that someone is NOT ccp! CCP should not "do something" about Hulkageddon. You should.
  • Because if you can't be bold in a video game – and I say this as a carebear that's terrified of low sec – if you can't be bold in a video game, what have you left? Really?
  • Because it's more fun than sitting in your captain's quarters playing Trade Wars 2002 with your eve character and wishing you were playing Eve. 


Anyone who does not have Exhumer kills in high sec showing up on their api key during Hulkageddon is eligible.


April 28th through May 29th


I would also like to point out that this page has a heading menu that points to rules for pvp, logi, and prizes section, as well as other things. Kids these days tend not to notice horizontal menus anymore...