Saturday, December 3, 2011

Why Griefergeddon 2.0?


GrieferGeddon is Eve's most public resistance to Hulkageddon. For those of you new to New Eden, Hulkageddon is a contest for who can kill the most miners in a week.

The first GrieferGeddon was covered in Eve Tribune #11 year 6  as well as in the in-game eve news, and a couple other places

In-game chat channel: Anti-Hulkageddon

Anti-Hulkageddon TS : password is: grieferkiller


There are two parts to GrieferGeddon this time.

The pvp side requires api key verified kill mails. Same as last time only using eve-dev kill board and a re-balanced point system.

In addition, this time there is a Remote Repair side. We will track the time and effectiveness of remote repairing hulks during Hulkageddon and pay out for those who do the best job. This requires use of screen shots and possibly a 3rd party app to track remote repair.

It's here! Learn how to eek out 40k ehp from your hulk tank without faction mods, how to effectively use ewar to mess up a gank, and why an un-tanked Orca is now very much killable:

  • Because "sandbox" should not mean just "griefing." Human nature is much wider and more diverse than that. The private, secret, anti-hulkageddon efforts may be effective, but they don't show new pilots that there is another side of the citizens of New Eden.
  • Because someone's got to do something... and that someone is NOT ccp! CCP should not "do something" about Hulkageddon. You should.
  • Because if you can't be bold in a video game – and I say this as a carebear that's terrified of low sec – if you can't be bold in a video game, what have you left? Really?
  • Because it's more fun than sitting in your captain's quarters playing Trade Wars 2002 with your eve character and wishing you were playing Eve. 


Anyone who does not have Exhumer kills in high sec showing up on their api key during Hulkageddon is eligible.


April 28th through May 29th


I would also like to point out that this page has a heading menu that points to rules for pvp, logi, and prizes section, as well as other things. Kids these days tend not to notice horizontal menus anymore...


  1. Griefergeddon 2.0 got mention on Dani and Stan's Voices From the Void podcast, episode 33. The episode will be released tomorrow, December 19 at

  2. Thank you. I am honored to be mentioned in your last episode. Sorry about the going off the air bit.

  3. Tsk tsk, discrimination against innocent pirates.

  4. Not at all, Ms Kozan. Even the most dedicated pirate is welcome to join GrieferGeddon -- all they need to do is avoid shooting any hulks in high sec during the week or so of hulkageddon to qualify.

  5. An interesting idea. I've always wanted to help out the miners side of things during hulkageddon. Or form up some good pvp corps into an alliance during that time, and get wardecc's going to fight the hulkageddon people. Highsec 'roid belts would turn into a warzone for that period of time. To make things more interesting lets say a betting pool with pilots putting their isk on the line. Defense and attackers get judged on their kills/defend. Who's winning and losing :p It'd be an interesting gamble.

    1. Most points at the end of hulkageddon gets some sort of prize or whatever. Points divided by most damage repaired, or done to attackers on the hulk, and most hulk kills on the opposite side. Alliance's have all kinds of in-house tournaments like this, this event would be a great opportunity to have some fun, and make/lose some isk while they're at it.

    2. nothing wrong with dec'ing a ganker corp to get a one-up on killing them if you have a corp that can go for that sort of thing. it was one of the "pvp tips" i had for last year but i removed it becuase no one did it.

  6. you all suck .you think it is fair to attack an unarmed ship??? well i think you all suck. it cost a lot to but and out fit a hulk for what so a bunch of trigger happy morons can kill you???? give us some guns and make it a fair fight then lets see how much fun it is then lol!!! but you all still suck...!!!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I deleted my first coment to make this shorter and more polite.

      Kid, I advise you to read what my event is about before telling me I suck. Firstly My event is about giving you guns to fight back with. Secondly my event is also about paying people to remote repair your hulk that you spent your time and isk creating so it has a smaller chance of blowing up. Lastly my event is to encourage people to avoid creating "tears" posts like your comment here on the grounds that tears fuel the griefers ships.