Saturday, April 21, 2012

 GrieferGeddon has started on the 28th 00:00 eve time. Hulkageddon starts on the 29th and runs a whole month, until 00:00 EVE 29 May

overview settings: how to make sure 'red' means 'killable" 
right click on your over view settings. Check "appearance" tab and the "background" tab. make sure that "Outlaw" and "at war" are red and that nothing else is red! this will make killable targets red and nothing else. by default "bad standing" is also red, but bad standing does NOT make them killable in high sec! if you get a message saying you will be concorded if you proceed do not proceed! ccp appears to be bugged here!

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  1. Hey Mechanoid Kryten.

    This is Ehnea Mehk. Glad to see you are having another go at the Griefergeddon. I recommended you to someone who was trying to launch a similar counter-event like yours. Why re-invent the wheel when he can just join yours?

    While I'm not doing an Ore-A-Thon for this Hulkageddon like my corporation did for H3 and H4, a player named Red Rydah and I are going to fleet together during H5 to mine. In fact, we created our own H5 poster of sorts, as a tip of the hat to Helicity's own H5 poster:

    Good luck with your event, and both Red and I will be watching from the bleachers.