Monday, May 7, 2012

update 6/10

Prizes are in the process of being given out. the daily 100m isk per day prizes have been given out, results are listed under Prize B on the prizes page.

top 4 prizes have been given out, a few others have been allocated, other prizes are still being given out.

Over all, those people who GrieferGeddon had reached, it impacted positively. We got some nice pods.
And one of us who didn't get many points made a ganker stop ganking. The guy had a passive targetter on and was jamming the ganker. The ganker thought CONCORD was bugged and jamming him, and quit ganking because he thought it was too hard.

But this was not the event it should have been. Last year there were 60 or so people killing stuff. this year there were around 20.
not one but 2 active anti-pirate corps that joined last year did not join this year.

The biggest reasons GrieferGeddon 2.0 wasn't  as good as last year were 1) Hulkageddon was too long. They couldn't sustain their momentum... we couldn't iether but we also had less gankers to hunt. One person told me he tried to participate but his miners never got attacked. 2) I was not able to log in due to RL to give my own even it's due. I'm STILL giving out prizes. 3) I expected larger turn-out than last year so i diluted the focus of Griefergeddon with the remote repair contest, but despite more postive interest in GrieferGeddon i had a smaller turn-out this year.