Saturday, May 5, 2012

GrieferGeddon so far... not working.

This year there were a lot more people interested in GrieferGeddon, supporting it, donating prizes, etc. However only a very small number of those people are actually going around shooting reds. Last year i had a LOT more people shooting stuff!

I tell people to use the Burn Jita event to practice shooting at reds for the main event... and people go to Jita ... in a shuttle! Or go to Jita and "steal" shuttles that were dropped to attempt to crash the system. But they don't go to Jita in a sensor boosted frigate to practice shooting reds.

while there seem to be a lot more people interested in seeing GrieferGeddon succeed this year, there aren't nearly enough people willing to go out there and actually shoot pods like this one.

Possibly it's because RL prevented me from logging in as often  as I should, or possibly the remote repair aspect was too confusing and distracted people from the pvp aspect, things just aren't working out this year.

If things don't improve in the coming weeks, prizes (first place, 100m isk for most kills a day) will be given out as best as possible, and the rest will be returned to the donors.


  1. Sorry to hear that that there haven't been many kills. What about the logistics? Have you had any responses to that?
    I've flew my Scimitar around in Verge/Sinq last week looking for miners to protect but none of the ones I encountered replied to my convo's unfortunatly. WHich seemed wierd to me. I wonder how mant are aware that Hulkageddon or Griefer geddon is in effect?

    1. Most of the miners still mining are botters

  2. I'm very sorry that Grieffergeddon is not working as you planned. I understand the frustration you feel. I did two Ore-A-Thons and it was frustrating to get people to come on board. Both turned out to be corporation events in the end. I have no regrets running them but the apathy and unwillingess to run something counter to Hulkageddon (probably because the griefer/ganker crowd will just ridicule you for it) was my decision not to do a third one. No regrets though, I am fleeting with other people to mine for H5.

    Having said this, I always felt there should be a counter-hulkageddon event to make things interesting and you did a good job of yours regardless.